If you are keen on knowing about you must know what this game is all about. In this arcade-styled io game, you must move the Emoji of yours for grabbing Jewels even as you keep away from Meanies! You are also required to drop bombs for popping Meanies and additional players!

How to Play

You make use of your mouse pointer of yours for directing or guiding your Emoji. You require Left-clicking for dropping bombs and you require right-clicking for speed boosting. What makes “” appealing is the simple and original plot that can keep even the most sophisticated gamers interested in it for an extended length of time. Strategy

In the game of, you as a player require being careful while dodging Meanies as well as the bombs of additional players for collecting as a lot of jewels as you’re able to. The additional jewels that you are able to amass, the additionally authoritative your bombs turn into as you obliterate meanies as well as make your path clear for additional riches.

You require speed-boosting your way farther than all the likely threats, or off all of the additional players as you judiciously navigate an active as well as the ever-altering setting of danger.  Keep a track of your score against additional players all over the earth for showing off your expertise in jewel gathering or in the obliterating of the Meanies.

Simple as well as uncomplicated controls along with habit-forming gameplay happens to be the striking features of this game and you are at liberty to commence playing this game right now.  And, all of you who are fortunate enough can locate the renowned “Poo Hat” that is branded for sending Meanies escaping in dread from your putrid shenanigans!