About is a battle .io game between mafia and police. You can set your loadout easily such as class, primary weapon, secondary weapon, hat, shirt and strike options. The aim of the game kill other players in FFA (Free for All) or Team deathmatch (TDM) modes. Therefore, you can develop your rank in the server and can enter your character’s nick to the leaderboard. If we talk about classes, we have to describe it here respectively. These classes are Triggerman, Detective, Hunter, Run N’ Gun, Vince, Rocketeer, Spray N’ Pray, Arsonist and Duck. The game offers an account and login system to recall your character’s nick.

Movement keys are WASD to control your direction and to jump with spacebar. Combat keys are shooting (Left-Right Click), change weapon (scrool mouse), next weapon (E), previous weapon (Q), reaload (R), spray (F), view stats (Shift), toogle chat (Enter). In addition, you can change according to how you want to set these keys. Also, you have a chance to use different mods via reddit page and set new mods to play well. The game supplies a wide settings screen to satisfy people’s different demands. In addition, you create your own server with password and play with your friends in isolated form. Try now!

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