The online game has its own charm because of the facilities and the amazing online gaming experience. People from the entire planet can able to play such games. This is the reason behind the success of the online multiplayer games. is one of that kind of game. When you will see gaming ground, you will love it.

This amazing game was developed by MadJoh in November 2017. There are tribes and they play against each other. Mainly, there are three tribes in the game. The tribes are Plont (grass), Agwa (water) and Fawa (fire) and you have to choose from one of those tribes. Like you, the opponent player can choose their own tribes.

  • The gaming animation is very smooth.
  • There are different models.
  • You have special skills to perform on the battleground.
  • There are also lots of gifts.

All these features made the most amazing that nobody can resist himself/herself if he/she played once. Make your tribe army bigger and unstoppable to lead.

How to Play

Funny thing is, the game doesn’t need any operating system to run the game. This is a web browser game and you can play it with any kind of web browsing software. The game can be playable on both mobile and computer. The game has also developed an app for iOS platform.

The game has easy control to access. You have to move the mouse to move your gang in any direction. Use the number key for different skills. Use Q or A to use spell 1. Use W or Z to use spell 2. In the game, you will have lots of powers and lots of skins to customize the skin of your tribe. Run in the map and run away from yours strengthen opponent. Win the with best possible way. Strategy

The tribes have their individual strength to hit the opponent and also have a weakness. Your main aim is to become the best and thus you can dominate the area with your tribe. The playground will be an open field. Water can dowse the fire, fire can burn grass and grass loves to drink water.

Initially, there will be three members in your team. You can increase it as well as the opponent can make your team small by killing a member. In the field, you have to survive by eating minerals. The minerals are extended in the area. Cast spell over others and overtake the opponents.

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