About is a fantastic space war .io game. This game is in space and takes on fleet battles. You start the game with three space ships in triangular neon colors. Each player can choose color to their own triangular spacecraft. To increase the number of your space ships, you can multiply by shooting bright items in space. If you want to use another fleet expansion tactic, you can increase the number of ships by shooting enemy ships. As you earn points, you increase the number of ships in your fleet and you can take advantage of the enemies because it means more space ship, more laser fire. Also, leaderboard shows 10 players with the best score. In addition, you can see your own fleet rating under this section. The best way to shoot the enemies is to wander around their backs and shoot them from behind unexpectedly. However, having a certain amount of time to fire can affect you in the negative direction. So you should set your timing well when shooting at enemies.

How to Play

Move mouse to steer fleet. You can use mouse click or Space bar to fire one’s fleet and shiny objects in space. The game provides a automatic shooting option to ease players’ game control. You must press E to turn on automatic fire.

Rating: 4.80. From 5 votes.
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