About is a snowball battle .io game. The game begins by choosing a character and color for the snowball battle. You can choose from a variety of color and skin options to suit your needs. The game has sounds and musics but you can turn off them via settings page. You can build a castle from the ice and protect yourself from the enemies. To create castle you need to hold down the left mouse button. You can shoot enemies with different sizes of snowballs. These sizes represent the power of snowball. It is useful to stay away from the bears because they can kill you. In addition, if you do not shoot the bears in the game, they will not attack you. When you kill the enemies, they turn into a snowman and you can capture their booty. Finally, there is a leaderboard to show best players and this is sorted by the spoils you collect.

How to Play

It is very simple to shoot enemies just to have a mouse. Left click mouse provides shoot to enemies. In addition, you can hold the left mouse button that is enough to hold to enlarge the snowball. The size of snowballs are depending on the pressing time for left mouse click. You must press the WASD keys to move the character.

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