About is a multi arena shooter .io game which you play as a slime. The aim in the game is to kill enemy soldiers and react the best kill death rate until the end of round. As you collect the DNA (experience), you will rank up the player’s grade. Your character will spawn in the map randomly. Enemy will drop items that can be weapons, DNA and other amazing features when you kill someone. Besides, there are some options to turn on or off music and sound. You can also set your game’s screen mode with the right side button of the screen. You respawn with same rank when you die. There are private servers, so you can fight with your friends that you will have lots of fun.

How to Play

You can move your player with WASD or arrow keys. You shoot by left mouse and use katana with right mouse. Press Space Bar or CTRL buttons to dash your player. R or shift for reloading ammo.

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