About is a fantastic io game in which you must zoom around a large map and collect large colored dots and defeat your enemies. You would be in control of a single character that is armed with a large pole and you must try and kill your enemies with the help of this pole. It is easy to kill all your online opponents really easily if you play the game strategically. A single hit from your jousting stick will destroy your enemies so move quickly!

Each colored dots that you collect will help boost your energy bar and this can be used to increase speed via the short boost method. This boost must be used to increase your speed while you are still really tired and weak. These dots also amplify the size of your jousting pole so the more you collect, the better your reach and swing will be! Can you get the better of the rusher arena and become a jousting champion in the game?

How to Play

The controls of the game are easy. You need to use the mouse to control the player in the game that is you. Hold the mouse button in order to boost you character. You can also recharge your boost by collecting the mass. Strategy

The game is one of the most exciting games where you would become the strongest player of the game by taking on all the other players, and collect food hexagons to grow your weapons and spears and get the longest reign. The strategy of the game is also easy and simple. Keeps always a stock of boost to escape or counter players running after you you. Your spear is your only weapon so make sure to pick your fights strategically, be careful by attacking players with a bigger spear than yours!

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