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About Piranh.io

Piranh.io’s name comes from a piranha which includes the relationship between piranha and human at the sea. The aim of the game is eating people who are swimming in the sea and other piranhas who are weaker than you. The game bases on the level upgrading system. If we expand the term of the level system, you will be bigger and bigger with more experience. When you are level 1, your growth rate is limited certain amount but you can increase the size at level 2 or more. However, when you increase the level, your size is shrinking to minor piranha. You should take care of your piranha against bigger piranhas. Also you can increase your speed with left-click and use special skills with space bar. The unique advantages are special skills which you can get from yellow skill boxes. In addition, these skills are established to you randomly when you get it. The leaderboard show first 5 people who have the highest point in the game. Finally, you should take care of your piranha and good luck to play piranh.io!


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