About Pirac.io

You are a piracy and have pirac.io ship that you need to improve your ship. If you kill other players’ ships or civil ships, you will get gold to develop your ship. You can select upgrades by left-upper screen as you can see. Upgrades are based on keywords which you need to use; 1 (Health), 2 (Health Regen), 3 (Speed), 4 (Damage), 5 (Reload) but you have to own enough gold to upgrade them. The game does not offer mini map, you only use arrows which have different colors. The colors of arrows shows how much they are powerful than you. Also, strong ships do not find weaker ships with helping arrows. Green arrows shows weaker ships to you which you kill them easily. When you die, you will see the details of your game play as the summary. Size of arrows show distance between you and enemy. You use mouse to direct your ship and left click to shoot another ships.


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