About is a football .io game. The aim in the game is to enter football fields and win games. As you win the matches, you can move up the player list with points. You can choose the starting point in the game by yourself because the game map is very large and there are 16 football fields. In addition, these fields have different sizes, so you can play matches 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and more combinations. Besides, there are tournaments scheduled at certain times in the game and you can also join this tournament with your own team. You can chat with your friends in the chat. In addition, you can also speak with your teammates by choosing from recorded conversations, so you do not have to worry about typing. You have to choose the server of the region where you live to avoid lag problem.

How to Play

You can move your player with WASD or arrow keys. you can shoot and pass with the space bar. Press A to increase your player’s speed.

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