The online game has their own charm. People love to online games. Most of the online games are multiplayer games. This is the big reason of popularity of these type of games. is one of the online game which is going crazy among the people. You will love to play this adventurous survival game. is a combination of royal battle game and amazing cartoon characters. You will get a cartoon character and your opponent will be the online players with the same type of getting up. You have to play on the multiplayer battlefield and you have to be the last man standing to win the game.

How to Play

Control of is very easy. You can play the game either on the keyboard or with the mouse. In mouse control, left click is for the shoot, right click is for a run. To change the weapon, scroll the mouse. In keyboard control, press space bar to shoot, Q button to alter weapon and press W to run. is a fun game and you will love to spend your leisure time with playing this game. Playing with friends and people from another part of the world will give you full of entertainment. Play it now! Strategy

You have to take some strategy to win it because when you start the game, there will be nothing as a weapon. You have to roam around the map, to get your weapons. Besides of weapon, there is also health pack, protecting armour and much more staffs, which will give you an advantage in the game. Remember one thing, you have to survive by anyhow to win it and you have to kill other players to stand to the last person in the game.

Hundreds of weapons are distributed in the playground and you can use multiple weapons to hit opponents. When you will scroll the mouse, weapons will come one by one in cycling order. When you kill someone, you will get extra speed and health regeneration. Another thing is, the area will shrink continuously so that the map will reduce eventually and the enemies will be near to you.

  • There are bushes for hiding.
  • You can change the character’s skin.
  • The gameplay arena will get shorter with toxic area continuously.
  • The power will regenerate with picking up the health and killing others.
  • There are lots of weapons like shotgun, flamethrower and much more.

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