The io games has earned a lot of popularity in the last few months, and thus, the developers are always trying to develop games on the same platform. If you always wanted to become a jellyfish, you should play the game, where you can transform yourself into a jellyfish and rule the sea. Similar to other io games, there will be a number of players on the arena, and you will have to keep yourself safe from the other player or jellyfishes available on the arena. The rules are quite simple, and you can easily be the master of the sea, once you grab all the tactics.

How to Play

You will have to use the mouse to navigate the jellyfish to various locations within the arena. Just feed on the jellyfishes, which are smaller to you, but keep your jellyfish safe from the other jellyfishes, which are bigger than you, as the tentacles of those jellyfishes can be enough to kill you. Thus, the game is quite similar to a number of other io games, which has been released in the past. You will have to enter the nickname, to begin the game, just like a number of other similar games. Strategy is a jellyfish .io game. It has very interesting graphics compared to other .io games. Specifically, there are different baits to eat. The game is starting with your jellyfish with small size. You need to kill other jellyfish in the map, so you have to develop your jellyfish. There are some different types of points which are growing your jellyfish size in the game. You speed up your jellyfish with mouse-left click. Also, the game is showing the day record points and player’s message in the game page. The game does not have mini map to see where you are playing. You need to be careful of your direction because of mini map problem.

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