About is completely free to play, and if you want to play the game, you will have to visit from any of your default browser. The controls of the game are quite easy, but that doesn’t mean, you can master the game quite easily. A lot of strategy is required to play the game, and you can understand all the objective of the game, once you start playing it. When you play the game as monster, you need to be careful of aircraft because they are shooting you. However, you need to be careful of monster when you play the game as man.

How to Play

The game being quite heavy, you will need a powerful system to play the game with a decent amount of frames per second. For playing the game, you will require a system, having at least 8 GB of RAM or more, and a processor of the latest generation. You will need a DirectX compatible graphics card, with a minimum of 2 GB graphics memory to play the game without any troubles. For proper controls within the game, you will need a mouse, having a good amount of precision, or a gaming mouse can be the best choice. Strategy

Once you visit the website, the website will not respond for the first few seconds, as the complete game needs to be loaded on the system for playing the game in a proper way. When the game loads, you will have to choose a location on the world map. Once you choose a particular location, you can either be a hero to protect the area, or be a villain, to destroy the area. You will have to take your decision while you start playing the game. If you become the hero, you will have to control the tanks and setup a tower defense, of if you become the dragon, you will have to blow fires to destroy everything.

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