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About Klad.io

Klad.io is a gun battle .io game that is like a classic counter strike game. The aim of the game is to kill as many enemies as you can with your weapon. The game offers you many different weapons and rifles to choose such as Shotgun, P90, M16, AK47, AWP and so on. The best class is sniper according to our observations at the moment. All players have jetpack but the use of jetpack depends on the fuel. The mini map shows you the shape of the map, your position (green) and the position of the enemies (red). This game allows you to change your character’s style of head, clothes and other options. This game offers you a chat box, so you can communicate with other players about game.

How to Play Klad.io

You can move your character with WASD. You must use left mouse button to shoot enemies. When the bullets in your gun are exhausted, you must press R to reload the cartridge of your gun. You need to press the TAB key to see your rankings which are kill count, dead count and ping. You just press the M key to turn off the gunshots and then press M again if you want to turn it on.


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