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About Kartwars.io

Kartwars.io is a race car .io game but it is not a racing game. You try to hit other racing cars as much as possible. The aim of the game collects the defence points which has yellow color and scattered in the game area. The second aim of the game gathers the question mark boxes which provides offensive skills to players such as rocket, mine, smart missile, long-range missile, flame weapon and so on. Thus, you can shoot other karts with these weapons easily. The ranking system shows the first 10 players in the list and your rank in the game society by right-upper side. In addition, you can see the top 15 players’ country flags near their character’s nick daily. Also, you can observe yesterday’s world best player and his points. Three server locations are available that are europe, asia and america. Therefore, you can select a server region to minimize response delaying according as your location. You can select your kart in the menu button. This button provides many different kart’s skills to all players and some special skins to players who share the game on the social media. There are two ways to play game which are with keyboard or mouse. Keyboard’s keys are arrows, D (Shoot), S (Shield). Mouse key’s are left click (Shoot), right click (Shield).Finally you should try it.


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