The is one of the top featured games from the io games which you can indulge in. the gaming interface is simple and users can easily master this game. As the name suggests, the is a game where you need o shoot down the opponent players on the gaming map in order to survive. You also have to defend your player to ensure that you are not hit by the shots from other players. The users can easily select a username and start playing the game where there are already millions of active players who are playing the game. The game is very easy to master for the players who are familiar with similar games. Even new players can learn all about it in the minimum possible time, courtesy to the simple interface.

How to Play

When players want to move in the map, they need to use WASD. Shift is for sprint and E provides upgrading your weapon. If you want to aim and shoot to other players, you should use your mouse to use them. Also, the game shows recent controllers in the login page to inform people. Strategy

There are many types of io games which you can try out and the game happens to be the one with the most active interface. There are many types of the game characteristic which you should learn about in order to master the game. Players can easily play this game as a single player or as a team with their friends as well if they want to.

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