Action games is one of the most popular genres among videogame players. If the essence of multiplayer is added to action games, it become more interesting. If you are looking for one such game, you should definitely try out the latest game.

The game of is simple, where you will have to be present in an arena, and kill other players, by using the mouse pointer. The more number of place you kill within the arena, the better will be your score. With more score, you will move towards the top of the leaderboard. The gameplay is quite simple. You will have to visit the website, enter a nickname, and start playing the same. After you start playing the game, a random server will be assigned to you, where there will be some players.

How to Play

After you start playing the game, you will have to move the mouse pointer in various directions to control your character. As soon as a player appears in front of you, you will have to use the left mouse button in order to use the sword and kill the player. Thus, the gameplay is quite simple. Once you master the mouse movement, the game will be like a piece of pie for you. The game is all about the amount of time, you can stay on the arena. You do not even need a special strategy in order to win. The game is all about practice, and also luck. The reason is, there can be a number of experienced players on the arena. Strategy

At the beginning of the game, your score will be zero, and your position will be at the down most position of the leaderboard. On killing the players, you will gain scores. It will help you move towards the top of the leaderboard. If you end the game with the rank one, you can think yourself to be a winner of the game. The leaderboard is always live. It means, your position on the leaderboard is dynamic in nature. The rank will always depend upon the score of the other players and you.

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