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About Fute.io

Fute.io is a soccer .io game that differs from others with some different features. It is free to foul in this game and you can do anything to score. Thea aim of the game is that players find a ball and score a goal. There are many ways to be first player in the leaderboard. You should foul novice players to steal their balls and then you can get points. You can score points by scoring places where people are not too crowded. Each player in the game plays as a single player but they can be a team with other players. When you kill other players you can see their tombstones. It is very easy to show your ability to other players, the most important thing to watch out for other players’ movements.

How to Play Fute.io

You must use the left mouse click to accelerate and shoot. The direction of the player will be determined by the direction of the mouse. If you have difficulty playing with the mouse, you can select keyboard controls. With the keyboard, directions are provided using the arrow keys. In addition, you can accelerate and shoot by Space Bar.


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