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About Flaap.io

If you have ever played the game Flappy bird, but you are missing the game at present, you can play the game flaap.io. It is one of the best games, which you can play, and can also compete with a number of players on the internet, and compare the scores on a real-time basis. Apart from that, you can also challenge other players or your friends, and compare the scores. To start playing the game, you will have to visit flaap.io from your browser, and enter your name. You can choose any name, and your scores will be registered against the name, on the leaderboard of the game.

How to Play Flaap.io

The game controls are quite simple, and you can easily control the bird quite easily from the maiden match. Clicking on the left mouse button will move the birds towards the top, and releasing it will pull the bird downwards. Just avoid the obstacles, which come on the way, by moving the bird towards the top and bottom. Each time you get over an obstacle, you get a point, and the more points you get, the better will be your position on the leaderboard. You can also find the watermark of a number of other players, who are competing with you.

Flaap.io Strategy

At the beginning of the game, the speed of the bird will be quite slow, which will make it easier for a newbie to get over the initial obstacles. As soon as you get over a few of the initial obstacles, the speed of the bird will gradually increase, which will make the game more difficult. When you start playing the game, you cannot score more than 5 to 6 points, but as soon as you start playing the game, and master the controls, you can easily top the leaderboards. You can find the speed of the bird at the top left corner of the screen.


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