About is one such game which you can opt for whenever you are looking for a gaming experience. Many of us have played dodgeball at school as children and brings back those feelings of nostalgia to the players. The game is way different from real time dodgeball but you can enjoy the feel of the real game here with a number of real players from across the globe. There are different levels and enhancement of the game which allow you to play the game easily and enjoy it. The controls are easy as well and perfect for the beginners as well.

How to Play

Mouse moving is the controller of your character on the map. Left click provides attacking to enemies. Strategy

There are various strategies which you can indulge in to ensure that you ace the game. There are various types of settings associated with the game which you can unlock when you move up the levels. The dodgeball players can enjoy a very smooth interface given the game is so simple in design. In short, it can be concluded that the game is one of the best games from the io websites so far which can be played in team as well as a single player. You can indulge in this game whenever you want to.

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