About is the name of an ocean based io game that’s free for all. You can compare this game to as regards the main objective of yours, which is to make your way upward the food sequence and govern the ocean. You get started below water in the form of a human and endeavour to progress into greater and more potent animals for adding to your possibilities of survival. Deeeepio is best referred to as the ocean’s mopeio. In this game you are free to hit all animals barring those having the identical species. However, this rule isn’t applicable to sharks and they are free to eat additional sharks as well! Squids as well as rays can make themselves invisible as well as untouchable. On being hit by somebody stronger compared to you, you’ll slow down by 15% for 5 seconds.

How to play

This game’s controls are extremely fundamental and you are free to make use of the mouse for navigating. In addition you make use of space bar for boosting ahead a restricted amount. This is able to be of use in making the gap among you and a foe closer or letting you to draw level to your victim. Strategy

In the sub aqua world of this game your key objective’s survival. At the onset this can be sort of rough given that all those already on the server are already on the climb upward the food sequence. However, there is no need for fear as there’s ample food that newbie can take an attempt at too! By consuming food you’re going to fill up the xp bar of yours located at the screen’s underside. This getting filled to your character it’s going to right away transform into a novel creature, typically having diverse traits.  A key strategy is monitoring the oxygen meter of yours.

Also, the reason is that a number of the animals are unable to breathe beneath water for an infinite time period like seagull, though they’re able to fly on top of the water as a substitute. A key matter to note is that anything that’s greater compared to you is capable of eating you besides players of the identical species, sharks being an exception.

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