About has a particular .io game system that resembles tetris. Initially, you have 1 unit cube that your goal is to enlarge. If you collect small cubes, you will grow up in rows of small cubes. When you are smaller than enemies, you must target their small pieces to attack. Also, you need to be careful of white stationary cubes when you are more than 4×4 units because their aim is breaking players. There is a mini map on the upper left corner to know where are you in the game map. In addition, top 10 players and your ranking are listed in the upper right corner. You manage your cube’s direction with mouse movements. Pressing A rotates your cube to the left and pressing D rotates your cube to the right. When you want to shoot other players, you can use key of W. Finally, is a nice game but needs some improvements.

Rating: 3.80. From 5 votes.
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