The lure of the sun and the beach has been the setting of several games and this is also the setting of the This is among the new games of the .io series of games and it has several things to keeps you interested. This game is about fighting in the beach but you need to use sand to eliminate other players and protect your character. In addition, the aim of the game is to get in leaderboards. Below we are going to discuss the play of the game and strategy involves in this game.

How to Play

There can be no doubt that this io game is the most marathon beach fight that has come about in the history of games! In this game, you as a player simply take to the great expanse of sand and make an attempt at conquering additional players in this excited and enjoyable multiplayer io game.  The weapon that is at your disposal is a lethal beach ball and that is all that you have got! What you require doing is launching beach balls at the foes of yours in an attempt to have them bumped. The greater the length of time for which you press the shoot button of yours, the greater the size of this beach ball becomes. Nevertheless, you must exercise caution while doing this as on holding on to this button for excessively long it gets transformed into a lump of sand!

The controls that you must use for playing this game are:

  • WASD or arrow keys for moving
  • Left click for firing or shooting ball, holding for charging
  • Caps lock for toggling HUD Strategy

The greater the length of time for which you survive the greater the number of people that you kill, the sturdier your character grows to be. In a nutshell, the beach ball of yours do additional damage, letting you gain additional survivability. Be on the lookout for the lethal shark that swims the beach as he’s going to pursue you and take your life! This game is best described as a tremendously entertaining multiplayer game whose challenge is going to make you return for more of beach entertainment!

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