About is a hammer war .io game. You can select your character from character list. There are some special and famous characters to select if you share the game’s page on social media. The first aim of the game is collecting basher gold which are on the floor. The second aim of the game is bashing enemies with your hammer and then your character’s name will enter the top score list with ease. Also, if you kill enemy, the gold will be poured from their bodies. Thus, your size will be bigger regarding your hammer and character. The game provides mini map and shows the location of the enemies to ease learning where players are playing. Sometimes, a boss is walking throughout the map which is piggy bank. You can hit piggy bank and then earn a lot of gold from it. Besides, high and low quality graphics selections areavailable to players who do not have sufficient internet connection or computer requirements. You can control your character with mouse directions and left-right click hits enemies with hammer. Play luckly!

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